Symptoms of Use: Alternative Rock band from Yuma

The members of the band Symptoms of Use have built quite a name for themselves. They started over ten years ago as a garage band with a sound as unique as its players. Now they play gigs all around town, including appearances at Jimmy Dees, L2, The Landing, and Ron's Place. They even play in Tempe.

"The best thing about playing is the feeling absorbed from the crowd, the music, and the band itself," says Caleb Grinder, the groups drummer and back-up vocalist. "The joy of playing together is what makes it worth it."

Playing mostly alternative rock, Symptoms of Use has created 50 original songs and also cover more than 100 songs of different types ranging from the Beatles to heavy metal. They play whatever the crowd is yearning for.

Formed in 1998, the band was first called Void with only two players, Grinder, and Obed Salgado on guitar and vocals. The two were next door neighbors who, like many bands, started out playing in their very own garage. Hector Badilla would later join them during high school as their permanent bass player.

After high school, Grinder entered the Army and later college, so the three members of the band split up for five years. Salgado and Badilla still played here and there, but they could never find the right replacement to fill Grinder's shoes. When Grinder returned to Yuma, the band reunited in January 2010.

It was during Grinders absence that they brainstormed the name Symptoms of Use.

If you get the chance to hear Symptoms of Use at one of the above venues, come out and show your support for a band that puts their heart and soul into their music. You can get updates on gigs and check them out on Facebook at

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