“The Voice” of The Western Voice

Welcome to the student-led podcast of The Western Voice at Arizona Western College.  We are the voices of Yuma, our college, and our communities. With the help of Professor Campbell, we research, script, write, edit, and produce our own podcast episodes taking up issues that concern our lives.  

Recently, radio and radio voice has taken a turn toward authenticity, and a more varied, multilingual voice.  We seek to speak into that opening as students of a Hispanic-serving institution; we speak with and without accents, with and without Spanish words, with and without the performative constraints of the podcasting voice from the early 1990s. We seek to voice our world differently and we invite you to experience and listen in on, this world through our unique voices, perspectives, and worldviews.  

We are digital producers whose voices, stories, and skills can be learned, honed, and homegrown right here at Arizona Western College. 

Our first episode will be released in the Spring of 2022! 


The Voice 


Faculty advisors: Dr. Trisha Campbell and Kevin Kato.