Latest News

  • Exploring Wellness Taboos

    For generations society has dwelled on how to deliver information deemed sensitive to the masses.

  • The MAT-TV Opportunity

        The crew of Mat-TV rush around the studio trying to get ready before they go live. They learn that some of the microphones are not working, so they grab some other mics that do work.

  • College is for Adults Wanting to Learn

        College students are adults, and they know how to sit still in class. They know when it is time to listen to the teacher. They know they should not be talking when the teacher is talking.

  • Splashes of Color

    November is the month for showcasing the fall semester work of student artists in the Gallery at Arizona Western College.

  • Personal Lives and the Border

    From brushstrokes to colorful verses, the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month continues to break down all artistic barriers between Mexico and the U.S.

  • State Universities Woo AWC Students

    Two or three times each semester, representatives from various schools and organizations gather to provide information to students interested in pursuing their education beyond Arizona Western Coll

  • Getting Funky Around the World

        As the holiday season approached, an exciting new event debuted in mid-November with neon lights flowing across the walls and glow sticks waving though the air to the beat of the music.

  • Enter Native Heritage Month

        Most of us know about Black History Month and even Hispanic Heritage Month, but let’s not forget about Native American Heritage Month.