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  • Shakespeare up to date!

    This creative take on the work of the immortal Bard could well be described as “much ado about something.”

  • Singing history: A Hamilton experience

    History is usually learned through textbooks and classrooms; Broadway is for entertainment and enjoyment.

  • Yuma, U.S. unemployment capital

    Yuma’s unemployment rate is the highest in the country, and double that of almost every other city besides El Centro, Cal., with which Yuma competes for that dubious distinction.

  • ComicCon returns!

    Capes were flowing, make-up on point, wigs styled, props painted. Blazing Desert ComicCon was finally back for the nerds to enjoy.

  • Changes on the airwaves

    You might want to tune in for this.

  • Up to bat, from Venezuela…

    As Latin Americans seem to be taking over professional baseball in the U.S., Snaider Torealba is at Arizona Western College with hopes of being part of that trend.

  • BSU promotes unity, positivity

    The new Black Student Union has been drawing a lot of buzz on campus. Arizona Western College has never seen the likes of this group, established this year by African-American students.

  • Uncommon in more than name

    Anyone who knows me or has looked at the bumper stickers on my Jeep knows that I’m an NPR nerd and an avid listener of our own college radio station, KAWC.