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  • Art in the heart of a pandemic

    Art has no boundaries.

    Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, students at Arizona Western College demonstrate their skills at an exhibit in the Art Gallery on the Yuma campus.

  • La Paz’s super advisor

    “A one-stop shop in one person” is how Jose Lizarraga sees himself.

  • A medical-field major’s worst nightmare

    COVID-19 quarantine over the past eight months has felt like a never-ending loop of complications and struggles – for college students particularly.

  • Dorm life in the time of COVID

    The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in almost every way, and that includes education.

  • AWC continues pandemic measures

    Special care is necessary to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading in a population as large as that of Arizona Western College, which has introduced multiple care methods in campus spaces and depa

  • YAC checks in on pets

    . As the COVID-19 pandemic has halted most public entertainment, the Yuma Art Center felt the need to put on a fun skit to lighten everyone’s mood and show that the arts are alive and well.

  • Gaming’s value trinity

    Video games can be a great escape for anyone who’s had a stressful week or who just wants to stay inside and have some fun.

  • Direct market takes a direct hit

    Comic book fans are obsessed with their favorite characters, so any distribution changes large or small provoke conflict between those fans and the publishing companies.