AWC students were greeted by a towering inflated Andale the Bull upon entering the campus.

Veterans holding flags

“On average, eighteen veterans take their life per day and 50 percent are diagnosticated with men

Three dogs looking at something off camera

A black lab with three legs happily hops across the parking lot to meet another dog that excitedl

Water dispenser with orange and black colors and the text "Stealth"

            Living in the sunniest place on Earth can take a toll on our bodies, especially as co

Black and White image of MAT TV crew
The MAT TV Crew! Image Courtesy of MAT TV's lovely Facebook account. You can find them there at @AWCMatTV!

    The crew of Mat-TV rush around the studio trying to get ready before they go live.

Image of a woman smiling with the article's author
Jonathan Aguirre takes a selfie with the featured speaker, Megan Stier.

If you were thinking about “Fifty Shades of Grey” in this article, sorry for the disappointment,