Busy days of a (non)typical student

. Can you imagine being a student and at the same time having the responsibility of being president of the Student Government Association and being a resident assistant 24 hours a day? Well, Fatima N. Covarrubias is an Arizona Western College student with a major in Environmental Engineering and at the same time is president of SGA and an RA at Kino building.

            “As the SGA president, you get to grow tremendously as a student, coworker, and individual,” said Covarrubias.

SGA oversees improvements in the environment of AWC students as well as organizing activities for them. For this, Covarrubias, as president, must make certain decisions in addition to having a great rapport with the rest of the members.

            “Holding a position as president does come with its responsibilities,” she said. “I attend monthly meetings to inform faculty and staff of the activities and events that students are being a part of.”        

            Covarrubias, 19, really likes the job of “creating a campus where students feel involved and encouraged,” though times have been tough due to the COVID-19.

            “We have a truly diverse campus, which is what makes it so interesting and exciting to create events that can speak to most students,” Covarrubias said. “Sometimes the biggest challenge is just getting students to approach us.”

            “As a Resident Assistance I get to be part of a team that is very committed to what we do.” Covarrubias also said that “a Resident Assistant needs to ensure our residents are healthy and comfortable in the environment where they will not only study, but where they must live.”

            Covarrubias realizes the difficulty of being in charge of all this and being a student at the same time.

            “You have to be efficient and managing your time,” she said. “It helps that both my teams, my co-workers as an RA and my officers at SGA, are highly involved and committed, so it does not all fall in my shoulders. Having that support around you really does increase your chances of being successful.”

“She is usually busy, but she always finds a way to have everything under control,” said Maria Sanchez, who has been working with Covarrubias for two years. “Sometimes she is stressed, but she knows she can ask us for help. We have very good communication.”

            What drives Covarrubias to carry on with all her responsibilities, giving her all to improve herself and meet her goals?

            “My family is my biggest inspiration,” Covarrubias said. “I really want them to feel proud of me and what I accomplish.”

We all have reason to be thankful for her hard work and dedication.

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