screengrab of the logo on website for MAT Tv (Matador TV)
MAT TV is the live show that students in Television Production classes create each semester. This screen grab is from

Will distance education be the new normal?

A girl with long black curly hair is wearing a red shirt that says "Foundation Mentor" and is smiling in front of a palm tree.
AWC student Yesenia Lizarraga is involved in a dizzying number of campus and community activities.

Where can a college student find the motivation to lay off of social media and instead choose to

Female speaker in front of a projected screen

            Education is important for youths, but why are so many in Yuma struggling in this fie

The 2017 winners of the annual Chili Cookoff show off their trophy. Courtesy of AWC Photo Services

AWC students were greeted by a towering inflated Andale the Bull upon entering the campus.

Veterans holding flags

“On average, eighteen veterans take their life per day and 50 percent are diagnosticated with men

Three dogs looking at something off camera

A black lab with three legs happily hops across the parking lot to meet another dog that excitedl