Bougainvillea bush beside a red stop sign in Spanish "Alto" it says and looks painted by hand.

Together Works Better

These days everyone wants to spend time with their loved ones. Family is what matters the most, having someone to talk to and let off steam. Being together with the people who support you makes it a good time, even though we all are living a difficult moment.

On the outskirts of San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, two small towns are connected into one. Luis B. Sanchez, Sonora, and Ciudad Coahuila, Baja California (better known as El KM 57) are divided only by a train track.

 Many people from this place drive to San Luis, Ariz., San Luis, Rio Colorado, or Mexicali, Baja California every day to their jobs and have to cross that railroad track. Most of the people who live in the town have not yet lost their jobs due to COVID-19 because they are considered essential, like field workers.

There has been a lot of movement in these towns, with people still going to work and to supermarkets – necessary activities that need to be done by those people lucky enough to still be employed. Activities that are needed in order to support the families. 

Recently, however, a decision was made to close the division of these two towns in order to reduce movement, an action that has residents very concerned. People could no longer pass between Sonora and Baja California and were losing their jobs as a result. In addition, there are only four supermarkets in the town, three on one side and only one on the other.

This is also separating families, because of some members having to make the choice of staying with the family at home or moving near their jobs. 

For example, I was someone who was separated from my parents. They went to San Luis, Ariz., to pay bills and to do other important tasks, and they are still there, while my sisters and I are still in El KM 57 waiting for this hard situation to end.

While tough measures are necessary for tough times, closing the roads was a cruel decision to make without letting people know ahead of time. Everyone needs to their part of staying home, but separating families by closing the road was not the best choice. Going through this, it is better to stay with family than to be separated from them.

We can only hope for everything to return to normality, and for everyone to reunite together with their loved ones.

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