Annoyed world locked in cells

In a recent ABC News poll, 87 percent said annoying cell phone use was the worst behavior in overall rude behavior and foul language. People use cell phones everywhere -- at restaurants, at the movies, while driving and in school. The BBDO survey found that 75 percent of all cell phone owners had it turned on and within reach during their waking hours. These devices are a great innovation, but at the same time they cause distraction for their users and are very annoying to others, especially in a college classroom.


Some schools limit or even completely restrict the use of mobile phones because they can be used for cheating on tests, for harassment and bullying, for causing threats to the school's security, for facilitating gossip and other social activity. In all cases, they are distracting to other students and professors.

Professor's at Arizona Western College have limited or prohibited the use of mobile phones during class. Although it's not always part of the syllabus, they inform students about not using cell phones at the beginning of the course. Unfortunately, some students are disrespectful by not putting the phones on silent and, worse, they continue texting or navigating throughout the session.

Cell phone usage is annoying to other people for many reasons.

1) It is much harder to concentrate when you can only hear one side of a conversation,"halfalouge", because our brains are struggling to make sense of the discussion without having all the necessary information.

2) It is hard to hear the speaker when you have someone talking loudly into a cell phone.

3) No one likes to be interrupted and "put on hold" in the middle of a face to face conversation.

4) It slows down your progress, so people in line behind you have to wait longer.

5) It endangers the lives of everyone around you when you talk and drive; basically forcing them to play Russian Roulette.

6) Texters say they text silently, but they still react and want to share their frustrations, jokes, etc with their buddies next to them. Plus, any movement or lights causes distraction. Texting is never solo in a public place.


It is common opinion that these students not only disrespect the professors and their classmates who paid good money for their classes and want to learn, but they are also cheating themselves.

Math Professor Dominick Salafia said, "I personally don't let my students use it as calculators," says Salafia. "It is also disrespectful and rude when you're trying to lecture. If students are paying money, they should listen. Plus nobody likes to be ignored."

However, according to some AWC students, mobile phones should be allowed during class.

Shandale Pilger, 18, says," I may need my mobile for an emergency, I usually text during class or log on to Facebook. I really don't think it's annoying because other students do it."

"We should be able to use the mobile phones it's like interacting in class," J.C. Baker, 19. "For some it could be annoying, and for some it could be distracting, but everyone does it, so we should use our cell phones."

Location, location, location

Mobile phones are banned in many school locker-room facilities, public restrooms and swimming pools due to the built-in cameras that most phones now feature. According to WireFly, here is a list of the top three places to avoid using your cell phone:

  • Avoid cell phone use while driving a car. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the number of accidents due to the distraction of driving while talking or placing a call on a cell phone is increasing. In fact, several states have legislation banning hand-held cell-phone use while driving. Though the real issue is the distraction of cell conversation. Hand-held is just
  • Avoid using your cell phone during a church service. In case you think people would never allow their mobile phones to ring during a religious gathering, some churches like the Sacred Heart Church in Monterrey, Mexico, have been forced to install cell phone jamming devices innocuously behind their statues and paintings.
  • Don't use your cell phone at the movie theater. Even if you're not guilty of this one, you've probably had the experience of enduring someone's phone conversation right when the hero is about to propose to the heroine. The problem is so bad that the National Association of Theater Owners has petitioned the FCC to block mobile phone use within theaters.

Like smokers, if cell phone users are too rude and discourteous around others, they may, one day, end up with their own bench on the sidewalk outside.


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