Poets vs. Zombies

The living dead were out in full force on Oct. 30 at the Arizona Western College amphitheater. But instead of trying to kill humans, they confronted each other in verse.

The first annual Poets vs. Zombies brought out the best of area poets. Many read poems filled with emotion. Some read horrifying tales, and blood-curdling screams could be heard echoing throughout the campus. Thankfully, everyone survived to tell the tale.

Nicole Walls-Trujillo was declared the winner when the audience voted on the four finalists. Her poems "Breathe" and "Worth" were spoken from the heart and easily won over the audience as her family and friends looked on in support.

The Southwestern Writer's Alliance of AWC (SWAAWC) put on the event and also held a bake sale to raise money for the club's various projects. SWAAWC would love to put the event on again next year; so, all you zombies out there, start writing!


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