Bush and Cassidy and their Sundance art

“Lively.” “Adventurous.” “Mysterious.”

These are the words that come to mind in the presence of the current exhibit in the AWC Gallery, where the art of Ernest Bush and Maia Cassidy will be displayed Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. through Nov. 16.

Bush’s posters depict objects in an outdoors setting – colorful hot air balloons, spacious blue skies, birds flying over bodies of water, trees and flowers. His paintings, too, picture birds and flamingos as well as palm trees and waving flags. His collection effectively evokes life itself.

Especially exciting are his acrylic paintings, which mostly show boats reflecting on blue water beneath perfect floating clouds. The Red Sailboats and The Morro Bay Harbor both embody serenity. A couple of other paintings of doors and front-yard patios create the mystery of old city homes.

One acrylic painting shows five hot air balloons between several clouds. Appropriately titled “The Adventure Begins,” the painting offers in intense air of secrecy, as none of the balloons is fully in the picture.

Bush’s pieces are priced between $40 and $200.

Cassidy’s abstract paintings complement Bush’s collection, including Ferric Chloride Tile, made up of neutral colors and unique Chinese carvings at the bottom. Painting with Ceramic Tile, a 3-D piece right in the center of the display is the most expensive piece in the Gallery with a selling price of $500.

Also in the center of the space stand white pillars that serve as bases for Cassidy’s pottery collection – beautiful, neutrally colored vases of a similar personality though in varying sizes and shapes. The elegant vases are underpriced, ranging from $25 to $100. 

The lighting in the room gives each exquisite poster, painting and vase its own spotlight. The whole package is guaranteed to impress.

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