Holiday shopper saving tips

The holidays are just around the corner – the time of the year when people loosen up their wallets and spend more than they can afford. There are plenty of ways to spend carefully by not going overboard. Following these three tips will help you think before spending and prevent overspending this holiday.

#1 – Have a budget list of how much money you are planning to spend this holiday with an exact a total of what is going to be bought. recommends having your budget list before stepping inside of the store to prevent you from overspending. Most important is to stick to the list of what you are planning to spend and not purchase anything not on the list, unless it is very important that you do so. recommends that it is best to pay everything with cash because it helps to not spend money you do not have. Try to avoid paying with credit cards so you won’t owe money after the holidays.

Recycling gift bags or boxes will save you money. Try to use old newspaper or magazines instead of buying gift wrap. Reuse any gift bags or boxes instead of purchasing new ones. Recycling items for wrapping can make you creative as well as saving you money.

Try to shop prices and not sales. Most retail stores will be having sales such as “50% off” and “buy one and get one free,” but try to stick to the list to avoid these sales. Do not be fooled by the retail stores sales, which only make you spend more than you have to spend. states, “Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s on bargain.” Therefore, be alert and focus on what is on your list.

These few tips can prepare you for holiday spending. Also be prepared to be tempted by sales at retail stores and online. Keep the list by your side and stick to it. Enjoy the holidays all the more by saving.

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