The power of art

A man's strong beliefs are translated through the wonders of art.

Chuck Hinter, an artist who recently had his work showcased at Arizona Western College Art Gallery, is fueled by controversial art styles and politics.

Hinter, a professor of fine painting at the University of Arizona, has had his work displayed in faraway places such as the Drawing Center in New York City, the Garreri Se Knonst in Falun, Sweden, and West Australian University.

Hinter characterizes his style as "primitive." Using large squares of window screen mesh as a canvass like base, he coats their surfaces in vibrant colors of acrylic paint. On the crude canvasses are images of exaggerated human figures and metaphoric scenery that helps emphasize Hinter's artistic outlook. Each brush stroke is filled with emotion, so the paintings send powerful messages.

The characters portrayed speak loudly of Hinter's views on social injustice and political strife -- a protest of the trial results of the Trayvon Martin shooting, a tribute to political whistle blowers and piece humorously titled "sensitive artist paid by owner to paint in open pits claims mine should be more to the left for balance."

William Blomquist, AWC professor of fine arts and director of the Art Gallery, is very pleased to have the opportunity to share Hinter's paintings.

"It is important to showcase art from outside sources," Blomquist says, explaining that local artists then have a chance to view art in a wider scope.

The AWC Gallery, located in in the AB building, is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Anyone who would like to get involved can stop by the Gallery or contact Prof. Blomquist at 928-317-6060.


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