The Great Art Finale

Arizona Western College's final Spring 2014 Student Exhibition didn't disappoint enthusiasts from around campus and the Yuma area. Featuring some of the best works of student artists from around campus, it included everything from colorful paintings to ceramics to random sculptures.

Most artists were quite content with the show and the display of their art. Graphic Arts major Martin Valencia felt proud about the improvement of his detailing through the semester and showed off his self-portrait, "Happy Frustrations," made with charcoal and chalk. Another student, Alexandra Atondo, showed her love for cameras with two camera-inspired sculptures and a painting, including Camera Duo and Selfie.

Sophomore Studio Arts major Rio Jaregui's mixed-media piece Myths and Legends turned many heads. Inspired by a Norse Legend, the piece included string, bulbs and other materials formed into the shape of a face.

Several Yuma residents came out to see the exhibit. Art enthusiast Deb Dombrowski and her husband showed their support for the arts by coming not only to view the exhibit but also to buy some art.

"We are always very impressed," Dombrowski said. "The skill level is very high compared to how it used to be back in the day."

"It was a good semester and there was many very skillful drawings," sid Art Professor William Blomquist. "We had a great turnout for the Gallery reception, and it was a good way to end the semester."

There are four or five exhibits in the AWC Art Gallery every semester, and everyone is welcome to come and see them. Showing support keeps the artists motivated to continue their craft.

For more information on Art Gallery exhibits and on upcoming art activities at AWC, contact Blomquist in room AB 103 or at

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