Family Night delivers, again

No doubt there was plenty of food and entertainment at Academic Open House Family Night. But along with all the fun there were also many booths with groups eager to inform attendees about their different programs, majors and clubs. There was definitely enough variety to fulfill all the various interests of AWC students or prospective students alike.

"I've been a student for a couple years now, but I'm barely starting to decide on a nursing major," says Claudia Sanchez. "The Nursing booth was great because they had a lot of information laid out, so I picked a lot of that up."

There were other booth members ready to provide information such as Transfer Services, YPIC, Veterans Services and Campus Life

"This is a really cool event!" said potential student Samantha Garcia. "I wasn't ready to come back to school just yet, but being able to have this entertainment for my child while I look at the different programs is definitely a cool balance."

There were endless lines at the food court, held inside the Eatery, which had its doors flung wide open to the outside elements. Among the items on the menu were pollo asado, carne asada with beans and rice, spaghetti, ceviche, chicken wings, loaded hot dogs, churros locos, baked goods, Filipino lumpia rolls with chicken fried rice and, everybody's favorite, Mexican style hot chocolate and pan dulce. These items were sizzling as customers came in for second plates.

"My favorite food was the beef-and-cheese quesadillas," said 8-year-old Jacob Smith.

Many games were available to children such as playing a soccer match, shooting basketballs and throwing wrapped newspapers through a holed board. For the family, there were hayrides given from the Ranchers and Farmers table.

"I'm here to mainly support my son and his team from the Ranchers and Farmers, said former Gila Ridge Spanish teacher Rosa Sandigo. "I'm also here to find new information and show it to my students in class."

Something else that got the crowd going was the performance of the cheer team.

"Overall, we performed very well, and even though it was just a cheer I think my team got the crowd pumped," said AWC cheerleader Melissa Argomaniz.

Family Night is a great event for the whole family. It has a vast variety of entertainment for any age group as well as an abundance of information for the people looking to attend or already attending. The night was a huge success.

Photos courtesy of AWC Photo Services

Family Night delivers, again

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