Ford's heavy duty

Would you like to be the ultimate winner of a brand new F250? If you signed up at the Ford trailer outside of Starbucks on the Arizona Western College main campus, your luck may be underway.

Ford is hosting a nationwide giveaway that runs through mid-June. Ford representatives will be present, for example, at NASCAR races and at college and community events. In this case, Ford was one of the many vendors represented at the 9th Annual Ag Summit on campus on Feb. 24-26.

Although Ford is a well-known American auto company, its employees will answer any questions that students, staff and community members may have regarding its engines or vehicles.

"We will answer any questions, and the best part is that you don't have to be a Ford owner," says Ford employee Paul Dunn. "We always have people come and ask us questions regarding their non-Ford vehicle engines."

The Ford display also featured four different engines spinning around inside their trailer for people to take a closer look. Other vehicle parts were also available as exhibits.

Where to from here? "We are heading to Houston and then were coming back to the southwest pretty soon," said another Ford employee, Peyton Gardner. "Folks can catch us at the upcoming NASCAR races from now until summer."

As for the winner of the F250, we'll just have to wait and see.

Photo by: Pam Black

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