It's beginning to look a lot like snowbirds

Can you guess what time of year it is again? I'll give you some hints. The streets are lined with people and the roads are packed with traffic. This can add 15-20 minutes on to your daily commute. Have you guessed it yet? That's right, it's snowbird season.

In case you're not from around here and you mistakenly think snowbirds are birds that looks like snow, I'll set you straight. Here in Yuma the term refers to elderly retirees who have packed up all their belongings and headed south for the winter. For many of them, the number-one destination is the warmth and sun of Yuma, Arizona.

Prior to the flock of snowbirds migrating south, Yuma is a peaceful town with little traffic. Then October rolls around and as you walk out to your car in the morning you start dreading the drive. Make sure your brakes are in good working order because snowbirds will swoop into your lane without any indication. But God forbid you cut them off because they will be quick on the horn.

I myself have had personal experience dealing with snowbirds and their peculiar roosting habits. One in particular held up a line using a stack of coupons, then got upset when she was informed that they had expired. She then proceeded to berate the cashier, as if it was that hapless person's responsibility to check the expirations dates.

Another harrowing experience that I have seen is whenever you want to go out to a nice restaurant the wait times always increase around the time that the snowbirds begin there seasonal stay. Booths will be jam-packed and tables will be pushed together, leaving us non-snowbirds with a long wait in line.

It is common knowledge that locals must always, at whatever cost, avoid shopping on Wednesdays. That day is commonly known as senior day, when our northern guests flock to the stores before anyone else can, attracted to the sales.

I guess we just have to wait around until April when things start to calm down. But until the migration back North happens, I'll be leaving my home 15 minutes early, and not shopping on Wednesdays or firing my horn back at anyone.

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