Thank you, Mrs. Minnick!

Athletic Study Hall

The day starts out pretty early for AWC Athletic Academic Support Specialist Tiffany Minnick. She usually wakes up around 4 a.m. and gets to work around 5. She starts out with a nice warm cup of coffee, and then she’s ready to go.

The days aren’t easy for the woman in charge of Study Hall, whom most people call Mrs. Minnick or even Mom. Many people know about Study Hall or have even been there but most people don’t know how much work it actually takes to keep the place running.

“Well attendance is definitely number one,” she said with a reassuring smile “making sure all of the equipment is working, including the laptops and scanners, and checking on book supplies. I also have to do reports on students for their coaches,”

Many two-year colleges don’t have the luxury of having a place for student athletes to go and study that offers help with many different subjects.

Study hall has been available to AWC students since 2012 and has made many major improvements since that time.

“It went from a place where people didn’t want to go to a place that is welcoming,” said Patrick Macon, a sophomore on the AWC football team. “It used to be in a different room, but renovations were made, and now it’s a lot bigger and better.”

The old study hall, much smaller than the current space, has since been turned into a weight room for student athletes. The new study hall in the AF building, near the Campus Police station, actually features two rooms, the main room and the quiet room.

Minnick, who is in her fourth year working in the Study Hall, definitely leads the charge there, and students overwhelmingly agree that her presence has had a huge impact.

“I personally come to Mrs. Minnick when I need help with something,” said Macon. “I just feel like anybody can do a job, but somebody like Mrs. Minnick who goes above and beyond day in and day out is very hard to find, and we all appreciate the work that she does.”

If you ever happen to walk over near study hall, be sure to drop by and wish her a good day. You might even bring her a nice hot cup of coffee.

Photos by Pam Black

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