Students find jobs at Career Expo

Looking for a job is a hard process, but you are not alone. Arizona Western College is here to help you in every way possible. Recently, the college hosted the Business, CIS and Communications Career Expo to help students with their job search.

These Expos are a good way for students to network with employers and work with them in the future. These events offer the students many career opportunities since many of these companies are looking for people to hire for internships.

Many companies are looking for students to hire for internships or a job. For example, Hoppstetter’s, which specializes in office products, was looking to help certain students get the experience they need through an internship.  Working with them as a technician or a designer, students would get credit, and when you finish their studies, they have a good chance to work with the company.

Fastenal looks for potential workers in these types of expos because they like to “reach out locally.” If a student who works for them ever needs to move elsewhere, the company has many other locations around the country.

Many companies, Walgreens or Panda Express, were just looking for employees, students who are looking for their first job or just need experience. Many prospective employers mentioned the qualities like outgoing, energetic and politeness as essential qualities for their new hires. 

One student commented that the Expo was very informative. He said he now has multiple leads, and he now knows where to look for job offerings. Another female student says she now has “interviews lined up.”

This event was a great way to network and get to know new people for the future – as a future boss or just as a friend.

For students attending one of the regular AWC expos, advisers offer the following helpful tips, which can make all the difference in ending up with a job:

  • Dress up so you can impress the people you will soon be working for. First impressions are always important.
  • Bring your resume because plenty of companies will be hiring and you can be one step ahead of other applicants.
  • If you’re not interested in business, don’t worry, the advisers change the theme each expo, so be on the lookout for an expo relating to your major.

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