Hay is rolled next to a field of green with Lavender
Alfalfa field, courtesy of Pagarau, Pixabay.com

The term “sense of place” brings to mind my hometown, Brawley, California, a farming community wi

Performers stand playing string instruments in a church
String Ensemble director Margaret Fenske (3rd from left, facing camera) performs during a Nov. 2017 concert. Photo by Daniel Puentes, AWC Photo Services.

The performing arts at Arizona Western College hold entertaining events throughout the school yea

A person in red is standing outside painting on a canvas which is already blue with an orange face
Students paint during the March 2018 Student Art Exhibition Reception on the Yuma Campus. Photo by Alex Lastra, AWC Photo Services.

It didn’t take long to find the perfect place to stop along the Colorado River – cool, scenic and