With video games becoming more socially accepted every year, a relatively new trend of videos, commonly referred to as let's plays (or LP's), have been appearing on video-hosting sites.

Although climate change is a normal cycle of nature, the carbon emissions humans generate are accelerating the process by several hundreds of years. So, without a normal evolutionary time span to adjust to the climate changes, the world will be abruptly and brutally forced to endure the effects.

The Ren Faire, celebrated its fifth anniversary this year from February 4-6 in a small, yet lively festival with a variety of acts including bards, singers, comedians, jugglers, and professional swordfighters.

We re going to do very well, Porter said of her team's prospects this year. We have a talented roster and share great chemistry on and off the diamond.

Dr. Ray Ashley spoke about The San Salvador project at the Maritime Museum of San Diego which is a life size replica of the first ship to make the journey down the coast of California.

Women often experience different physical symptoms of heart failure than men and don't realize they are having life threatening symptoms.