All night long people from all walks of life came together to show their support in the Relay for Life, sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Some of the various (and sometimes wild) segments of the show include having an ice cream competition, special guests, interviewing random students and skits.


Punk band Calabrese. Photo courtesy of Calabrese.

Creating images of damsels seeking vengeance and frightening lyrics fighting for immortality, Calabrese is the world's greatest horror punk band."

“If you saw the movie Avatar, the blue people (Na’vi) are like Zapatistas,” Professor Kevin Mann explained to me after some perplexity about the life style of the indigenous people he stayed with during a five month sabbatical. The Zapatistas stand up against globalization just like the Na’vi stood up against the humans trying to mine under their tree of souls. The tree, for the Zapatistas represents a 500 year culture of language and beliefs rooted in the Mayan religion.

Americans are known for their gracious giving all over the world. The disaster in Haiti will be met by incomparable response.