Sail away to Spain

Intern in Spain

¡Bienvenido a casa! Students from Arizona Western College prepare to attend foreign internship in Spain.

Current undergraduates and recent grads now have an opportunity to sail off to a foreign country – Spain. AWC and Programa AC are currently seeking English-language assistants for a nine-month internship, running from October to June of 2018, that provides students with a personal-growth opportunity.

Programa AC hopes all students apply before May. There is no fee for submitting the application, which can be found by navigating to, where a detailed slideshow offers more information on the internship.

“They are still accepting application because they want about 50 or 60 interns for their extensive school districts around Barcelona,” said Kenneth Kuntzelman, director of International Programs at AWC. “Last year they were still accepting in May. Don’t count on that. If interested, get the application in soon.”

Programa AC a family private group that has been helping students commit to a career in teaching since 1989. The program was created to help students in their teaching and communication skills.

During the internship, a school teacher will guide the students, who will be English teacher aids not teachers. Students will share their knowledge of the English language and help the teachers in their programs. The purpose of the assistants is to help with any questions about the English language, like pronunciation, and about such procedural issues as preparation for class.

Students will not only be gaining experience by helping the children, but they will have the opportunity to live with a Spanish native family. Some of the accommodations they’ll have are a free room, full board and free transportation from school to home as well as a guidance tutor to help look after their welfare during their stay.

Online Spanish lessons will be provided with a native teacher, books and materials will be among the perks students will receive. They also will be given a study grant of 300 Euros per month as well as accident insurance in case of any emergency. They also will be given vacations according to the school calendar.

The internship will not automatically carry academic credit, but arrangements could be made with a faculty member to include the internship as an independent study to the student’s associate’s degree.

“Assisting students in English can be a life-changing experience,” says past intern Liane,  a Stanford University student whose testimonial can be found on “My routine differs every day. During the week I have breakfast and dinner with them, and during the weekends my host family love to travel together to different parts of Catalonia. These past two weeks I have seen more places than I have seen in two months.”

Further information can be obtained by contacting Kuntzelman or by stopping by the International Programs office on the second floor in the 3C building.

Graphic by Pam Black


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