My gay boyfriend

Don’t let the title fool you; this is not a love story. I am not actually dating a gay guy. A gay boyfriend is simply a gay best friend. All my life I have been searching for my own gay boyfriend. It seems that everywhere I went, I would see a girl with her own gay boyfriend by her side. In the search for my very own gay boyfriend, I realized that he found me. My gay boyfriend is tall, dark and handsome, well something like that. He always has the best hair and clothes and he always smells good.

I recall our first meeting. He was so quiet he literally didn’t say a word to me. I made myself available to him and letting him know about my infatuation in gays, lesbians, and drag queens. I told him it’s ok with me for anyone to be who they are.

I was very curious as to why he wouldn‘t just come out and tell me he was gay.  Since gay people love me, sometimes I even imagine myself as being a super hero who was brought here on this earth to stand up for gay rights. Wherever there is a gay in need, I am there indeed. Sounds silly, but that is a thought that goes through my brain a lot. You see, I have had gay friends throughout my life, who have actually came out to me. I would never trade those experiences; they are precious to me. Watching them deal with people who ridicule them has changed my perception on how much homosexuals do struggle even in the 21st century.

 Now I have what I claim to be a “Gaydar“- which means basically a gay radar. I knew something was up. I never asked him any questions, but like a hawk stalks its prey I just waited to see what would happen next.

Once we did start talking, I realized how much meaner he is than I am (which being mean is something I have always prided myself on). The rest is history, I thought to myself. Could this be true? Have I really found my own gay boyfriend? Eventually, we found a common ground. Our weaknesses consist of boys, dance music, and simply laughing at everything.

Nowadays, I can’t shut him up when he starts talking about a guy he likes. Not that I would try to shut him up; I feel really happy for him. Some of the best times I have shared with my gay boyfriend have been riding shotgun with him while listening to loud music, singing and dancing in his car, not caring about what anybody says. That’s what makes me happy. He has become a huge factor in the dynamic of our small group of friends. See, he isn’t really mean, he actually has the biggest heart in the world. He will do anything he can to keep his friends happy and laughing.

I have been very vocal most of my life, trying to change the minds of people who are stuck on disliking homosexuals. The truth is everybody out there is just trying to be accepted and loved for who they are. It truly hurts me when a young person who is struggling and unsure about what his or her preference is, just keeps quiet about it because they think that nobody will understand.  I know what the laws in Arizona are, but I don’t agree with them. I believe that everybody should be able to love and marry his or her dream person and not be judged for it. Whether it’s two men or two women, homosexuals do little harm.  Most hate crimes that are aimed at homosexuals are committed by people who are homophobic themselves. Imagine if someone you love is silently struggling. Wouldn’t you want that person to be happy?

I would not change a thing about my gay boyfriend and I will keep standing up for him and for all the gays out there. Everyone has the right to be accepted for who they are.

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