How to identify an unhealthy relationship

No one says, “I want to be abused someday,” or, “I want to spend twenty years in prison someday for abusing someone.” These are just not the sort of things that we aspire to when we are young. Unfortunetly, many people grow up in dysfunctional environments without a clue how to form the type of good, healthy relationships that will sustain them throughout a lifetime.

On September 7, 2011, AWC is inviting students, faculty and staff to a presentation called, Healthy Relationships: When Did You Decide to Be…Straight, LGBTQ or In an Unhealthy Relationship.

The goal of the session is to introduce fundamental knowledge necessary to engage in healthy relationships.

The objectives are to:

* Familiarize ourselves with LGBTQ terminology

* Introduce key terminology that will enhance understanding of healthy relationships

* Identify characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships

* Discuss cultural considerations in healthy relationships

The program starts at 4 PM in the student lounge of the 3C building.  A single hour that could change your life forever.

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