Yuma choirs earn highest ratings

The Arizona Western College Chamber Singers earned a superior rating (highest) at the annual NAU Jazz/Madrigal Festival in Flagstaff last weekend while the YHS Performing Choir earned an excellent rating (second).

130 ensembles from around Arizona and surrounding states performed at the festival, representing 90 schools. The madrigal (small choir) groups, such as the two Yuma groups, and vocal jazz groups both competed. The Yuma choirs presented three pieces for a nationally acclaimed judge who gave them feedback and a score.

"He (the judge) said that he wished all of the other choirs that sang at the festival could have heard them, because they would have been inspired by what they heard," Brent Rogers, AWC Chamber Singer Director commented on the judges remarks.

While there, the choirs had the chance to hear various choirs at many different skill levels, including the NAU Shrine of the Ages choir and the New York Voices -- a professional vocal jazz ensemble.

"The most exciting part of our weekend was hearing that our hard work paid off by getting an excellent rating on our three songs," said Bradford Goodwillie, YHS Performing Choir member.

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