Steel meets the wall

Art is created as a way for one person to share life experiences with others who might or might not be artists themselves. Viewing art is like having a one-way conversation with someone who has used one or more creative media to bare heart and soul to an audience in another time and place. Currently on display in the AWC Art Gallery is the work of Tucson artist Gary Swimmer, whose art has grown and developed as he experienced the joys and trials of life -- beginning at age four, when his parents, survivors of the Holocaust, brought him to the U.S. He started his professional life with a degree in biology, but his love of drawing and painting drew him to the art field. He has lived in Belgium and New York and has taught art at many institutions. Swimmer has been showing his work since 1993 in both solo and group exhibitions. His current artistic evolution is to render his drawings into large fabricated steel pieces that are lines in real space. About the process of making his art Swimmer says, "It is all marvelous -- even with all the inevitable horrors and unnecessary tragedies -- life, perception, the journey of thought, the struggle to clarify and to make something that attempts to convey meaning." More information on Swimmer and his art are available on his web site at

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