Surviving Valentine's Day the college way

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, most are scrambling to find that perfect gift for the special someone in their lives. For some, it can be a daunting task finding something that fits your budget but still says "I love you." For others, like college students, it is the distance from their loved one that makes this day of love so difficult.

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard enough in itself, but being far away from each other on Valentine's Day can be depressing. It can be extremely hard to get through this day of love, without the one you love next to you.

To make matters worse, it seems that everyone around you is getting to spend the day with his or her significant other. Hang in there, you can and will get through this! There are several ways to feel close to each other, in spite of the miles between you and your sweetheart.

To begin with, technology has managed to make distance feel not so distant. Take advantage of these modern marvels. You have the option of texting, making a phone call or setting up a Skype date. Skype is one of the greatest tools out there for long-distance romance. Even though you cannot physically be there with each other to exchange your gifts of love, you can still see the expression on your sweetheart's face while opening your gift.

Webcams have made it possible to maintain happy and healthy relationships. You can pick one of these up at any Wal-Mart or Target for under $10, so it's not hard on your wallet either. A lot of the new smart phones have Skype capabilities, eliminating the need to even buy a webcam.

Show your affection by using the power of pansies. Schedule a flower delivery with a message attached that only the two of you will understand. Sharing a secret message that no one else can decode will make you feel as close as ever. You can also send a singing telegram to serenade the person with your love song.

If nothing but seeing them in person will suffice on Valentine's Day, make travel arrangements ahead of time. Making plans far enough in advance allows you amass the funds and to do any assignments or schedule around classes. Make the trip itself your Valentine's Day gift! Chances are, seeing you is all your honey will need!


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