Winter fashion

It's that time of year again, when temperatures drop and bonfires are made. Winter, the time of the year where our usual light summer clothing is exchanged for a much cozier wardrobe.

Of course, fashion varies according to location, as in East Coast vs. West Coast or even across the globe. However, let's just say that no one will want to miss out on any of the trends the world is about to see.

This year the fashion world is really kicking things up with the hottest trends. From punk to pious prints, this season there will be something for every fashion lover.

To start things off, the tartan pattern that seems to scream "Holidays!" is a classic look that is being updated by designers everywhere. Expect to see mixed & matched colors as opposed to the traditional reds, greens and yellows. These modifications create a more youthful and fun look!

Also, winter isn't just for gray and black. Soft pastel colors are making their way from spring fashion to winter fashion. These tones and pieces will help you embrace your inner Spring. No need to shy away from a little color.

We all remember the traditional "punk" look that started in London during the ë70s and captivated so many people to try it. Well, that look is back, and designers are creating black pieces embellished with metallic and spikes. This trend is going to be a huge statement-maker that everyone must try.

Finally, menswear is not to be left out of this. Men's fashion which has been falling from the trend zone, is coming back up fighting! This year menswear is taking a trip to the past into the 1920s.

Men can take inspiration from the title character of The Great Gatsby. Designers are making 20s-inspired hats, trousers and vests. And, if that doesn't work, a blazer and pants set will work just fine.

With all these great winter trends happening, it's a shocker that anyone would think that winter is drab.

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