Campus meeting addresses problems with YCAT service

According to some riders, the YCAT Silver Route from San Luis had a shaky start this semester, so a meeting was held on September 3 for students to give their opinions on how the perceived problems might be fixed.

David R. Robinson, YCAT office specialist, conducted the meeting at 3 p.m. in the Frances Morris Boardroom in the 3C building.

Among the students present at the meeting, only three were riders on the Silver Route. According to Aleiza Munoz, many Silver Route riders had to catch their 3:15 ride home.

Last spring YCAT announced that, instead of going straight to the Main Campus, the bus would begin taking a longer route, passing through Somerton. Student became concerned that they would be late for class.

AWC student and frequent YCAT rider Jonathan Briones said he is now arriving at school 15 to 20 minutes late. He also said that the new bus stop is not provided with a shade and many students have to wait in the heat of the sun.

The changes also meant that students would not all fit on the bus seats and would have to stand while riding. Some even carried their bikes inside because the bus wasn't equipped with a bicycle rack. The bike-rack problem was fixed when students complained, but the scheduling problems remained.

"I might not speak for everybody," Briones said, "but many would like the route to be changed back to how it was before."

Robinson said that he was going to take all of the opinions into consideration that a new route was going to be provided.

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