Matadors stomp in style

On September 25, enthusiastic Matadors from many different clubs and organizations lined up in front of the Arizona Western College gymnasium.

In front of the parade of decorative golf carts was an AWC Police vehicle, followed by Mr. and Mrs. Matador -- Rigo Orta and Melissa Montes De Oca. The students behind the king and queen were dressed in red and gold throughout the parade showing off their school pride.

The students riding in the Residential Hall cart were dressed cleverly as bulls. In contrast, the Drama Club decided to shy away from the Matador theme and express their theatrical side by decorating their cart and themselves in costumes from the Renaissance era.

The AWC Cheer and Dance team shared one cart and marched proudly beside the beloved school mascot, Andale.

There were colors other than red and gold in the parade as the Gay-Straight Alliance strutted their stuff with a cart decorated from top to bottom in rainbow colors.

NAU, one of our partner institutions, decorated their cart with a giant lumberjack.

There were many other decorative carts participating in the parade, which was full of fun and Matador flare from the gym all the way to the 3C building, setting the mood for the rest of the Homecoming activities.

Go Mats!

Photo courtesy of AWC Photo Services

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