Wakeup call

By Cynthia Riveles

Long summer nights are over and school is underway. It is that time of the year where students feel indolent and may not take school seriously.

As the Fall semester begins, it is important to begin school with lots of energy. The more energetic a student is from the start, the more likely it is for them to finish up the semester strong.

You may feel tired or sleepy during a class, and that is completely normal. Summer was more than two months long, and you are probably not used to waking up early or having to meet deadlines such as homework assignments.

If you have started the semester feeling a little unenergetic, it is still not too late to start getting a boost on your classes.

A few tips to help give you a small lift in your classes might be getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night, eating a big delightful breakfast and simply staying up to date with homework assignments so as not to become overwhelmed.

It is important to start strong in order to stay focused all semester long. You will need that energy kick from Midterms through Finals Week. Therefore, it is recommended to start now rather than worrying near the end of the semester.

If you are struggling already, simply follow the given tips to help you be more successful in your classes and finish the semester strong.

Photo illustration by Pam Black

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