Transfer & Academic Services Club (TASC)

Have you been wondering where you are going to school after AWC? Do you need help sorting through the process of selecting a school you might transfer to?
Well, you’re in luck. Arizona Western College has the perfect solution for you: Join the Transfer & Academic Services Club to learn all the steps to a successful transfer! When you join the club you will benefit from:
• Peer support
• Networking
• Communication skills
• Leadership skills
• Up-to-date information on and exposure to various four-year institutions
• Community service
• Friendships and fun

By participating in the various Transfer Services events and activities throughout the year, you will also learn how to earn your Transfer Bucks to earn prizes and possibly even a scholarship.

Some essential dos and don’ts of the transfer process are:
• Don’t apply to a college without doing your research first.
• Do get help from someone who knows about the process, such as your Transfer Specialist.
• Don’t skip out on important transfer sessions, university visits or meetings with your transfer specialist.
• Do make sure you’re aware of all application requirements such as recommendations, essays, test scores (SAT/ACT), GPA minimums and interviews.
• Don’t ignore the requirements needed when filling out a transfer application.
• Do make sure you’ve filled out any necessary financial aid documents.
• Don’t fall behind on your transfer deadlines, current schoolwork or other responsibilities.
• Do make sure you’re responsible with paperwork, registration dates, payments and other things that may be asked of you before finishing your transfer process.

If you are planning to transfer, contact Transfer Services at (928) 344-7638 to schedule an appointment. To join TASC contact the club President, Jaime M. Olivas, at

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