Exterior view of an AWC dorm hall
De Anza, one of three residential halls at AWC

Easy Livin' In The Dorms

Living in the dorms at Arizona Western College is a great experience. The three campus dorms can each hold up to 160 residents – athletes, regular students, hall directors and people with internships.

Besides offering a comfortable, safe place for students to live, study and relax, the dorms also offer employment and leadership opportunities.

“Being in the position of being a RA is one of the best things that happened to me,” said Maggie Nolasco. “It not only helps with a job, but helps further my education in college.”

In a typical semester, as students settle into their dorms, the residential assistants put together a Smores Night so that new students can intermingle with the current dorm students. After a successful night, each dorm has meetings where hall directors let new and current students know the rules and regulations.

Visitation hours, established for the safety of dorm residents, vary as to the day of the week. For example, anyone who doesn’t live in the dorms need to be out by midnight on weekdays and by 2:00 a.m. on the weekends.

The dorms have not only rooms for residents; they also have study areas upstairs as well as lounges with TVs, study tables and couches for relaxing. 

There are also opportunities for athletic contests outside between the dorms, including basketball and volleyball, and there is a grassy area for multiple purposes.

In Spring semester, the Residential Life committee put together a stress-relieving water day the weekend of finals. This was a day to let the students in the dorm blow off steam and get a taste of summer. The event had a huge turnout, even attracting people who lived off campus to come enjoy the fun.

RA Jesus Landin was very excited about the water day, commenting that “there is nothing better than seeing the smile on a students’ faces.”

This event had everyone on their toes knowing that Spring semester was coming to an end.

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