One Too Many

Jake Greinner was killed, Ashley Roman was a drunk driver, Andrea Nunguia died of alcohol poisoning when she drowned in her own vomit and Jennifer Erllemann was the victim of a drunk driver.

Theater students helped bring awareness to Arizona Western College about a few of the things that can happen to alcohol and drug users and their victims at the Alcohol Awareness Event hosted by Health Services on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Staged as living examples, the students explained the full effects by acting out their parts. They did not exaggerate.

According to, "300,000 of today's college students will eventually die of alcohol-related causes." These causes include drunk driving, violence, domestic accidents, overdose, and in progressive alcoholic cases it can cause fatal damage to the liver and different types of cancer and heart disease.

That's why AWC, along with about 800 other colleges across the country, took part in the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW), which ran from Oct.16-22.

According to Mary Anne Partson, director of Health Services, "AWC's 2011 NCAAW Campaign ëOne-Too-Many!' theme contained a message of student empowerment by taking a stand that is safe and healthy. It encouraged students to take care of friends and stay safe in social situations where alcohol may be present."

Partson also says, "NCAAW is dedicated to promoting education, prevention, research, networking and national initiatives to help eliminate substance abuse and the problems it causes on our college and university campuses."

Guest speakers at the Alcohol Awareness Event included Vice President Dr. Souslby, Campus Police Officer Greg Fell, EMT's Dave Padilla and Marc Hollyfield and the AWC cheerleaders. The Department of Corrections Dog Unit wason hand to demonstrate how police identify people carrying drugs.

Alcohol and Drug Facts about College Students between ages 18-24:


  • Every year, about 1,800 students die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, including motor vehicle crashes.
  • About 600,000 students per year are unintentionally injured under the influence of alcohol.
  • Approximately 25% of students report academic mishaps due to their drinking, including missing class, falling behind, doing poorly on exams or papers, receiving lower grades overall and/or dropping out completely.
  • Nearly 100,000 students are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape.

If you frequently cannot seem to stop drinking after having a couple, you may have a drinking problem that could develop into alcoholism. Contact a professional to find out more, or call AA central office at 928-782-2665.



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