Recycle your cans for Green Day

Dear Campus,

One of the components that distinguish Arizona College is the focus it has on sustainability, on reducing its carbon footprint.

This is campus run by solar power, this is a campus that supports recycling by having special bins available to students and staff, this is a campus that is installing water receptacles that can used for their reusable water containers, this is a campus that has a campaign to reduce its electrical use by powering down its electronic devices at the end of the work day.

On this note, we are campaigning to fill a Cotton Gin Trailer, donated by the Yuco Gin Company. Our goal is to fill this trailer by our Sustainability Fair, which takes place April 17. The trailer is between the BA and SR buildings (within sight of the CDDL, the Campus Police station and the athletic fields). We would greatly appreciate you joining us in this endeavor.

So bring your aluminum cans and toss them into the trailer. Also, ask your students to write an essay, calculate the mass, research the history of sustainability and collect cans that they can bring to campus for our celebration of Green Day, for our Sustainability Fair!

Thank you,

Dr. Cecilia Vigil

Professor of Biology

(928) 344-7555

Photo by Pam Black

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