Rockin' holiday playlist

By Cami Clark

Looking for some Christmas jams to boost your festive spirit? Search no further! I'd like to share with you my family's playlist, which captures the holiday ambiance.

The song that means the most to my holiday season is "Soul Holidays" by Sounds of Blackness. It's a soulful gospel piece that my family has been playing since before I was born. It's very up-tempo and whenever it comes on, you know that Christmas has arrived. It's been featured in all of our Christmas home videos, and it holds countless childhood memories for me.

You can't escape the next song during this time of the year. It's none other than "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey. It's a modern day classic and really grabs of the essence of the holidays. Has anybody in the past 20 years formulated such an original song that has become as popular as vintage holiday songs?

If you're looking to turn things down a notch, I have the perfect suggestion. The song "This is Christmas" by Luther Vandross is as snuggly as a throw blanket. As though the angel on top of your Christmas tree is singing, Vandross delivers this song with the warmth of the fire in a fireplace. This song is mellow enough to relax while exchanging presents, but fast enough to hum to.

Although "Optimistic" by Sound of Blackness isn't specifically a Christmas song, my family has played it every year. It's an upbeat song that speaks to the positivity of life. You can't feel anything but happy when it blares through your speakers. This song, and "Soul Holiday" has made it onto every Xmas CD my dad has ever made. If you love feel good music, this is the song you'll want to hear on repeat while decorating the house.

A beautiful ballad that will make your holiday spirits rise is "With a Christmas Heart" by Luther Vandross. As you're enveloped into this song, you can smell a fresh Christmas tree and visualize frosty snow as well as multicolored presents.

The following festive jingle is everything a spectacular Christmas song should be, sung by an impeccable voice in a peaceful beat. "It's Christmas Time" by Sounds of Blackness is a heavenly gospel that decorates the room with holiday cheer. I have strong memories of decking the halls throughout my life to this song.

With a vintage sound, "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms is perfect to get little kids up and rocking out! This classic gem never gets old, and it sets the Christmas atmosphere wherever it's played. You can even do the choreography from Mean Girls with your family members!

My last suggestion is also one of my favorites. "My Favorite Things" probably is the best Luther Vandross gift you could unwrap. It doesn't stay far from the original but I prefer this version for its fantastic qualities. Draped with an amazing horn section, you'll find yourself singing along in your living room without even realizing it.

All these songs fill a huge place in my heart, and it wouldn't be Christmas without them. I hope my playlist helps you to have a marvelous and musical holiday.

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