A lot of art pieces (paintings and sculptures) in a large white space

Splashes of Color

November is the month for showcasing the fall semester work of student artists in the Gallery at Arizona Western College. While paintings and drawings lined the walls, the ceramic work was placed in the center of the room.

Incarnatio, an acrylic painting by Lisseth Carrillo, shows a girl walking barefoot through a colorful garden beside a stream. It’s colorful but she is unhappy. Her dress shows the inside organs of her body, and her skin is drab, perhaps representing sadness.

In contrast, Melissa Rendon’s acrylic painting The Yellow Dress, is full of rich color. In it, a young woman is holding her hair back, and she appears to be dancing and living in the moment. 

Pumpkin Woman, by Emma Reveles, is a portrait of a girl with a pumpkin as a head. The character in this drawing is wearing a dress, and the cigarette in its hand has a cloud of smoke that says, “OCT 31.”

One of the ceramic pieces was Huntress Mask, by Claryssa Lopez. The hunter’s mask is in the shape of a bunny’s head, except that one ear is shorter than the other. The mask is bloody, and the paint has little cracks to make it look antique.

In another ceramic piece, Teri Gamble’s Sunflower, a bee sits in the middle of the flower while the petals are suspended by copper wire and hooks.

As a whole, the display captured the pure talent and the love these students have for art.

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