A picture edit of a blonde woman yelling is overlaid with a broken glass
Artwork by prettysleepy, Pixabay.com

People who were victims of domestic violence before the pandemic might have been able to find ano

A nintendo switch piece with blue and red sides sits on a dark marble countertop with a video game screen in the background
Animal Crossing New Horizon is played on a Nintendo Switch. Photo illustration courtesy of Joatseu, pixabay.com

Being locked up at home with no certainty of returning to a regular routine has made most America

graphic of the KEYS/TRIO program with the phrase "Only you can make it happen. We can help!" over an ocean.
Profile icon from the KEYS Twitter page, highlighting the program's wish to help students succeed!

    Entering college, every student wants to be the first to sign up for a class before it fills

As I walked across the street toward him, I could see he had everything he owned right there with

Red, White, and Blue American graphic art with the text "Honor the Past, support the future - vote!"

At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, a group of citizens asked Benjamin Franklin w