The Experience of a Life Time

Studying abroad has become a way for students to travel and learn all at the same time. People dream about traveling the world and experiencing new worlds and cultures, and this opportunity has become available to students; and if they are willing to put in extra effort they can have this experience for free.

Arizona Western College student, Dushon Smith, majoring in Medicine went through the process as he prepared to go to the Salamanca University in Spain to learn the native language.

The process begins with an application and once a student has submitted their application and paperwork and once they get accepted and cleared they can start raising money to pay for the trip. The more money they raise the less they have to pay from pocket money.

"There was only one application; it consisted of my transcripts, personal essay and the application itself. Now, after they had selected and awarded me the scholarship to study abroad, I had to then apply for a passport, submit a photo ID and Birth Certificate which was extremely exhausting along with implement a strategy as to how I was going to raise the rest of the money," says Smith. It took Smith about 3-4 months to completely finish his application process and raise all the money he needed.

Another former AWC student that went through this process was Carlos Ramos, who now works as a Registration Clerk in the Registrar Department. "I was lucky enough to attend the University of Liverpool in Liverpool, England. My classes consisted of seminars and a lot of traveling around England and other places in Europe," says Ramos.

Both students received the experience of a lifetime and the decisions to study abroad were inspired by their desire to explore different cultures and visiting new countries. "It was humbling and divine to be in a place where so much history took place and a culture so rich and pure," says Smith.

These are opportunities are open to any student willing to take on the journey of a lifetime. Whether it be exploring new worlds to meeting new people or reaching outside one's comfort zone, studying abroad is a great experience that a student can take on.

"If a student is interested in Study Abroad, I say that they pursue their dreams. There is no need to stress over the details of not having enough money. This community was really there to help send me to England and if a student is really interested in expand their horizons and going to a different country, I say go for it!" says Ramos.

Photo by Karla Aguilar

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