Booths next to each other displaying different clubs
Exhibits were running in full swing at the Career and Majors Fair held on the Yuma Campus in November. Photo by Meghan McCullen

Building a future at AWC

            In the 3C Breezeway oat Arizona Western College, hundreds of students gather around to learn about various programs and resources designed to help them with all their educational needs. The constant clicking of a prize wheel is heard as representatives of various AWC offices draw students in to play games, win prizes and chat with advisors.

On the lawn between the 3C and AS buildings, the AWC Pep Band plays “Back in Black” as students navigate the various displays. Representatives from the Nursing, Welding and Agriculture programs wave their signs in the air as they lead students around campus. Border Patrol agents, police officers, and working nurses chat with students about their careers out in the field beneath extravagant displays.

            On Nov. 7, AWC hosted one of the many Career and Major Fairs offered on campus throughout the year. The event featured representatives from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and AWC as well as from community organizations.

            “For students who are still trying to figure out what they want to do, events like this are perfect because they can meet with an advisor or counselor and see all the things that are offered on campus and in the community,” says Gladys Anaya, coordinator of Development and Alumni Relations.

            “We have one job in Yuma County, and that’s to help our students achieve their educational goals so we can build a stronger community,” says Lorraine Stofft, Vice President for Advancement.

Students have a lot to consider when deciding what career path to take and what university or degree will help to get there. Whether students are following money or a passion, AWC wants to help them get where they need to go.

            “If a student is interested in continuing their education at a university, we at Transfer Services are here to help,” says Transfer Specialist Angela Amezaga. “It’s important for students to create a tangible transfer plan as far as figuring out how they will finance themselves, fulfilling the requirements for the university and paying attention to deadlines. “Most importantly, I recommend speaking with an advisor so the student can get the most out of their time here at the community college.”

            Creating a transfer plan can be a lot of stress on students, especially when finances are limited.

            “If you need money, the AWC Foundation is your friend,” says Anaya. “You can apply for scholarships by filling out an application online, and it will help you find scholarships that are the best fit for you. The portal opens on February 15, so not for a while yet, but many students are not necessarily aware that this is something AWC offers.”

            The portal will be available online at

            AWC offers many resources to help students achieve all their educational goals. But the hardest part for many students is ultimately deciding what to major in.

            “In the education world, we are here to help the student,” says Carrie Zaragoza, senior student service coordinator at NAU. “When figuring out a major or what university to go to, talk to them all. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because we would rather have you bug us to get the answers you need than struggle on your own.”

            “Find something that makes you feel alive,” says Music major Angela Damian. “If you find something that you’re intrinsically motivated for, you’ll want to do the work it takes to achieve your goals.”

            For those who are looking into continuing their education at a four-year-college, Transfer Services offers walk-ins every Tuesday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. to answer any questions. Students also can keep up to date on future career and major expos through the AWC event calendar.

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