Maybe you're afraid to scarf down a few holiday cookies because you don't want to gain weight. Not to worry, there are other options for enjoying those holiday favorites without having to sacrifice your craving for sweets.

Most people think blogs are only used for an online, open diary. But, many are used for various other reasons, such as for business, to display artwork or photography, or to publish creative writing.

Even if we don't remember every single thing from class, there is bound to be some knowledge about the semester floating around in that brain of ours.

There are many tips for giving perfect gifts without putting too bad a dent in your billfold or wasting a lot of precious time wandering the malls in search of something.

We are surrounded with media portraying a woman's image in ways that girls feel they have to imitate. They are completely ignoring the fact that there are many tricks to making women in magazines look the way they do.