Being safe during the busy holiday season is feasible if you pay attention to these simple rules.

On Oct. 9, the local organization Promise Arizona turned in more than 1,600 voter registrations to the Yuma County Recorder.

The art of blogging has developed in recent years and has become more and more popular. Since there are multiple social web sites such as Facebook and Twitter, we all have the ability to blog.


More than 80 percent of adult smokers begin smoking before they are 18. Indeed, a majority of Arizona Western Collage adult smokers admit that they have had a habit of smoking since their teenage years.

How would you capture the thrill of riding a long-board on video? When my friends and I asked ourselves that question, we did some research.

I remember that when I first registered for classes it was pretty crazy, so I took a stroll to the second floor of the CCC building. This time I could take my time and ask a few questions and really get to find out what each department does.