A change in time

By Crystal Valenzuela

The New Year is more then just setting a new weight loss goal that no one ends up following. It should bring about new habits, one of them being time management.
Every year time seems to go by faster and faster, so why waste time lying around all day when you can be wasting it getting things done? It's time you start managing your time wisely, and I have just the tips to get you started out right:

Tip #1 -- Invest in a planner. Writing lists can actually make you feel more productive. Make sure to prioritize by writing down the most important things first. Then add in a few simple tasks such as making breakfast, brushing your teeth and taking a shower. These simple tasks will make you feel as if you're actually getting things done. If you simply write out all the hard tasks you have to get done, you'll start to feel like you aren't getting anywhere, which will only make you feel overwhelmed.

Tip #2 -- Avoid procrastinating at all costs. It's so easy to get distracted and end up down the endless black hole of social media, but procrastination will only leave you feeling stressed. Try getting assignments done or at least start on them as soon as they are assigned. This gives you enough time to go back to your work several times before the due date, so that you don't cram everything in at the last minute.

Tip #3 -- Have a space where you can go to and actually get work done. Don't stay in your room where everything is a distraction. The library is always a good place to go to when you need some peace and quiet. Being in an environment where everyone else is focused on his or her work is more likely to influence you into being productive.

Tip #4 -- Maintain balance for all your extracurricular activities. If you have a job, try to schedule your workdays on the weekend or after school. Always work around your school schedule and let your employer know when you have classes, so that they don't surprise you with a work call.

Tip #5 -- Don't take on more then you can handle. You don't want to overwork yourself to the point where you are only getting two to three hours' sleep. It's always best to get ahead so that you have some free time to do enjoyable things. To avoid having to skip out on all the fun, make an effort to get ahead.

If you start off with a lazy attitude, you'll end up slacking off the rest of the year. Avoid picking up that bad habit by simply following these tips.

Photo illustration by Pam Black

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